PolisheD Life
By: Dr. Natasha Sandy M.D.

“A Balanced Life is a Polished Life” Dr. Sandy M.D.

A board certified physician with specialist training in Dermatology, Dr. Sandy is the first graduate of the Clinical Dermatology Fellowship at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. This fellowship is one of two in the nation. Trained at Drexel University, Johns Hopkins and UMDNJ Dr. Sandy’s philosophy, as a physician is to treat skin from the inside out, a “Holistic Approach to Skincare”.

PolisheD by Dr. Natasha Sandy is a unique dermatology practice that teaches people to glow from the inside and outside. In her practice, Dr. Sandy educates and teaches her clients on how to balance life, family and career with healthy living practice for PolisheD skin and a PolisheD life.

Her multi-layered diagnostic system aids in building a regimen that is tailored to her clients’ lifestyle. Her use of traditional and non-traditional treatments enhances skin's appearance and general health. Dr. Sandy lifestyle approach has placed her in high demand international with well known and celebrity clientele.

Dr. Sandy has been very active in academia and the pursuit of meeting the dermatological needs of the underserved population and Skin of Color. She has participated in free Health fairs and free Skin clinics both in here in the United States and the Caribbean. As well as participated in medical missions in Africa, Tanzania. As a professor, she precepted and trained medical students and residents. She has lectured and tutored students on Dermatological Diseases and Procedures. She has also been active in curriculum development at both the medical graduate and post-graduate level.

Dr. Sandy is a member of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and American Medical Association. In addition her fellowship and post graduate awards. She was also honored as a Women’s Health Scholar, PA Academy of Family Physician Scholarship Scholar and American Academy of Dermatology Medical Student Summer Scholar and All- American Scholar.

Her numerous publications include, “Dermatological Emergencies" American Family Physician Journal and her review on "Review on Dermatology for Skin of Color by Drs. Paul Kelly and Susan Taylor.

Dr. Sandy is licensed to practice in NJ, NY and MD and is currently practicing in New York and Maryland.